About Clear Zone
About Clear Zone
About Clear Zone

About Clear Zone

CLEAR-ZONE is an international supplier in the fields of internal security, warfare and terrorism, operational operations, training and guidance

The company was established in 1995 and is manned by the Israeli army, elite police units and intelligence agencies.

The company consists of three divisions.

  • Security Advisory
  • Combat training
  • Selling equipment

These divisions collaborate with each other to provide a comprehensive solution for each client.

Our security training is tailored to each client individually according to our initial assessment.

Whether the risk level is high or low, our goal is to provide the most optimal and professional solution.

Our intelligence division is manned by completely updated experts in this field.

The division specializes in recruiting and operating agents, management of intelligence units, operation of warfare against terrorism, technological means, activating anti-terrorism software, and more.

As we know, the Arab-Israeli conflict is a large case of research that provides the basis of the vast knowledge of representatives who are among the leading experts in this field.

לוחמה בשטח בנוי
לוחמה בטרור
יחידות משטרה מיוחדות
אבטחת אישים
אבטחת מגזר פרטי
אימון כוחות צבא

All projects carried out by CZ are authorized and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

All projects are treated at the highest level of discretion and secrecy.